Monday, December 23, 2013

Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas Eve's Eve!

The day has finally, finally, come when my screws are removed and I'm done with hip issues and being cut open. 

We hit the road around 11:00am this morning from Kevin's house which should only take about an hour to get to Boston. Wrong. It's raining so naturally there are accidents beyond accidents and we got stuck in accident traffic that was really bad. The hour trip took 2 hrs and 15 minutes. Of course I had to pee since the only thing I can ingest is water. Which takes me to my next point. Fasting wasn't terrible. 

I ate three, yes, three meals last night before bed and fell asleep around 9pm. We woke up around 8am and my stomach was growling already. I was going to try one piece of toast but I figured it would probably be better if I just didn't have anything rather than confusing my poor belly. It actually hasn't been bad! Eating and then getting hungry is worse than just not eating. 

As I write this, I'm all checked in with my "pee in a cup" right beside me. Don't I look happy. . . 

As the picture was uploading, I was called into the holding area. 

My updates will continue after surgey!

It is now about 4 hours post surgery and we are almost home. I sat in the holding area for quite some time as I was called in a bit early - plus they couldn't get the damn catheter into my vein. Story of my life. Supposedly the anesthesiologist works on brain patients, but he couldn't insert my dumb little IV. He tried twice in my hand and it hurt so badly!! This is a children's hospital, my veins can't be that small. He then tried the side of my hand, he stuck me with the lidocaine and hit my friggin thumb nerve so that was numb for a while. I have a record of being numb in the strangest places! Finally, another anesthesiologist came and she tried in the inner part of my elbow and that was a winning stick. 

I got my med cocktail and they wheeled me off around 4-415 or so. I did not feel very sedated at all which was pretty neat. I slid over to the operating table, got hooked up with monitors and oxygen sensors and everything else. Coolest part? The camera so I could watxh everything live. I think that was the most awesome thing I've ever seen. But, that was not the best feeling in the world.  They can numb skin and everything but there's no way to numb the bone so needless to say I felt the screws being removed which was so not a good feeling. Plus one was missing for quite some time. They called in a mobile X-ray but found the screw head before it arrived. All three screws were manually backed out with a screw driver about one centimeter or so and once that was done, the drill took them the rest of the way. OW!!! I said a few profanities and that was that. Sewed me up in three different layers. Patched me up and to recovery I went, bright eyed. 

I literally felt completely normal and wide awake it was nuts. Different than last time. I was pretty loopy and sedated for my other hardware removal and I was much more numb. This one was was less wimpy. On a side note, the anesthesiologist (longest word ever) originally almost had me sign the waiver to be put out completely. He said something about drifting off to sleep and I said oh no I think I'm going to be awake. He's like oh. Plus Millis keeps his patients awake normally. Thank goodness, I definitely would not want to be knocked out. That makes recovery that much more difficult. Right now I feel normal and like nothing happened. I was given 5mg of Oxycodone and that took the edge off. I feel pretty good, teeny tiny bit sore but not bad yet. 

Here's my signed hip, me outside the hospital waiting for Kev to bring the car up and me in recovery. Yeah! DONE!

Yes, my underwear says "Eye Candy" and is def not surgery appropriate. I wasn't thinking!

Incision and bandage updates coming in a few days. Best Christmas present of all. 

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